Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Wi-Fi? No, while we do have hotspot Wi-Fi offerings in some areas, the majority of our network operates on a proprietary system in the 3.65Ghz, 5.8Ghz and 900Mhz spectrum.

Is the wireless transmission secure? Yes, our equipment uses a proprietary authentication method, based on MAC address and alphanumeric base ID; over the air data scrambling.

Do I need to install any software on my PC to use the service? No, our service does not require any special software to operate.

Will weather affect my service? No, normal weather conditions should not affect the service at all.

What are the hardware requirements for my PC? The PC does require a NIC (Network Interface Card) card. Most newer PC's come with NIC's pre-installed.

Should I be concerned about lightning strikes? While a direct lightning strike is unpredictable, we do take measures to protect you. Lightning suppression units are installed between the radio and the PC.

What does the antenna mount to, and how big is it? We use standard satellite mounting poles as seen with DirecTV or Dish Network. We may also use eave brackets or wall mount brackets. The Antennas are flat panels either 9"x13" or 9"x4.5" depending on the system used.

Does this operate like a satellite internet connection? No, satellite internet has excessive Latency due to the distance the signal has to travel. Our signal is terrestrial operating off of local towers. Response times are comparable to a Cable or DSL connection.

What kind of latency should I expect on the network? Depending on which system is utilized in your specific location, ping times will average between 4ms and 25ms to our office.

Are there any monthly transfer limits? No.

Will I get a public or a private IP address? Public.

Do I need a router or a firewall? Firewalls or integrated router/firewalls are recommended for security, but are not required or necessary to utilize our service.

Are there any ports blocked on your network? BrownDog Networks does not filter any of your traffic in anyway.

How big is my e-mail box? 8Gb, attachments are limited to 20Mb.

How do I know if I qualify for service? We will conduct site surveys free of charge to verify our network reaches your location.

How soon can I get it installed? Pending a site survey, service is usually activated within 2-3 days.

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BrownDog Updates and Upgrades

  • 25 Nov 2011 NETWORK UPGRADE : We've added additional upstream capacity at one of the primary network access points
  • 15 Nov 2011 NETWORK UPGRADE : We've added new backbone links to increase resiliency and uptime for our users
  • 18 Oct 2010 NEW NETWORK : BrownDog completed the acquisition of Pacific Networks and increased our reach.